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How To Identify A Bad Roofing Job In Dayton, Ohio
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How To Identify A Bad Roofing Job In Dayton, Ohio
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How To Identify A Bad Roofing Job In Dayton, Ohio

Posted on September 6, 2021

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How To Identify A Bad Roofing Job In Dayton, Ohio

If you’ve ever had your roof done, or plan to in the future, you know how much it costs. It can be easy for homeowners in Dayton who don’t do their research to get taken advantage of by roofing contractors that offer too good to be true deals on new roofs, repairs, with a bad roofing job.

If it has been a while since your last roofing job, or if this is the first time getting one done, here are some tips on avoiding being scammed by an unprofessional roofing company that will want every cent they can squeeze out of you for poor workmanship and shoddy materials.

Signs Of Bad Roofing Job

1. A Non-Uniform Appearance

Inspect the shingles themselves. Are they evenly spaced? Or are some of them missing or broken, and others higher than the rest? If you spot a pattern like this it’s best to tread lightly with your contractor.

2. Stains on The Roof

If after a rainstorm you notice water stains on the ceiling inside your home, this also indicates a lack of thoroughness in the work. It’s best to talk with your roofing contractor because mold can form underneath if it isn’t resolved right away.

3. Missing Or Damaged Shingles

Any damaged shingles during installation should have been replaced free of charge by the contractor since that is part of their warranty coverage. If you see your contractor using the same shingle in multiple areas without replacing it, this is another warning sign of a bad roofing job.

4. No Drip Edges

Drip edges are metal strips that are laid over the seams between roofing tiles to prevent leakage. The drip edge should be installed best if it’s laid down halfway down the curve of each row of tiles, creating a sort of ‘U’ shape with water sliding off into the gutter below. Any missing or broken drip edges will indicate a less than professional installation process…which could lead to leaks in rainy weather or snow melting seasons!

5. Using The Wrong Nails

When installing asphalt roofs, many contractors will use galvanized steel nails instead of zinc-coated ones. It’s best to use galvanized steel nails since zinc-coated ones rust much easier and can corrode the roof over time. If you notice that your shingles are being held down by rusty nails then it’s likely that the contractor didn’t cover this in their bid or on contract!

A roofing job is best done with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that the best materials are used properly throughout the installation. Look out for signs of poor workmanship like this while checking out your local roofing contractors – your best bet is to check their reviews, BBB rating, and previous work.

You not only want the best roofing company but one that will stand behind their work if issues arise down the road. All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters is a local roofing company in Dayton, Ohio. Our team is licensed and certified with an A+ BBB rating and five-star ratings on Google, Facebook, and BirdEye. When you choose us, you choose someone who stands by their work and you do not have to worry about a bad roofing job ever.

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