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Metal Roof Shingles vs. Traditional Shingles: Which is the Better Option?
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Metal Roof Shingles vs. Traditional Shingles: Which is the Better Option?
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Metal Roof Shingles vs. Traditional Shingles: Which is the Better Option?

Posted on April 30, 2023

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Metal Roof Shingles vs. Traditional Shingles: Which is the Better Option?

If you like traditional shingles but are concerned about their short lifespan and frequent need for repairs, then you have one more option to explore, metal shingles. 

Metal roof shingles are the best alternative to traditional asphalt shingles in terms of durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. In this blog post, we have covered the debate on metal roof shingles vs. traditional shingles, to help you decide which one will be better for your home. 

Metal Roof Shingles

Metal roof shingles have been gaining traction and attention in recent years. They have now become the best alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. The reason for their popularity and demand is that they offer features that traditional and metal sheet roofs have failed to provide to homeowners. They are lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, as opposed to asphalt shingles.

They are made of materials like aluminum, steel, and copper, which are durable, long-lasting, and rust and corrosion resistant. Additionally, metal shingles are available in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing for customization to fit any architectural design. Overall, metal roof shingles are great for people seeking a long-lasting, low-maintenance roofing solution.

Metal Roof Shingles

Advantages of Metal Roof Shingles

Metal shingle roofs have several advantages that traditional shingles don’t. Below, we’ve provided some examples. 

Durability and Longevity

In terms of durability and longevity, metal roof shingles prove to be the right choice for home and business owners. As metal shingles can be made of different materials, including aluminum, copper, and steel, they are durable and can last over 50 years. In addition, they are rust and damage resistant, which keeps metal roofing shingles in good condition even after natural events occur. 

Energy Efficiency

If the temperature and humidity level in your home is too high, it will make your air conditioning system work more at the expense of increased energy costs. This will eventually result in increased energy consumption and high energy bills. 

If you are looking to save on energy costs while also protecting your roof for years, metal shingle roofing can be the right choice. Metal roofs are considered to be the most energy-efficient roofs among all roofing types. Since they are the best at providing insulation while reflecting heat and UV radiation, they cut down your energy bills by regulating the inside temperature and humidity. 


Metal roof shingles are a low-maintenance roofing option for home and business owners. Because they are made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum and copper, they are free from rust. They are also highly resistant to wind, rain, snow, and storm damage, which ultimately reduces the amount of maintenance needed. 

Metal roof shingles are also relatively easy to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional washing with mild detergent and water. Moreover, unlike traditional asphalt shingles, metal roof shingles do not require frequent repairs and replacements. 

Disadvantages of Metal Roof Shingles

Although metal roofs have many advantages, they also have some notable and unavoidable disadvantages to consider. 

1. Cost

While metal shingles offer many advantages, the cost can be a disadvantage. Metal shingles are comparatively more expensive to install than asphalt shingles. This is because the materials used to make metal shingles are more expensive than the materials used for traditional shingles. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that while metal shingles might be more expensive up front, they are durable and long-lasting, which can result in savings over time. 

2. Noise

Though metal shingles are made of noise-reducing features, they still make noise that can irritate noise-sensitive people. This can be a disadvantage for some homeowners who are sensitive to noise or live in areas with frequent storms, rain, and hail. 

However, it’s worth noting that the level of noise generated by metal roof shingles can vary depending on factors such as the thickness and composition of the shingles, the pitch of the roof, and the amount of insulation used.

3. Installation Challenges

One of the main disadvantages of metal shingle roofs is that they require specialized installation and equipment that may not be familiar to many roofing contractors. Sometimes, you may not find a contractor in your area who can install metal shingles on your roof. 

Moreover, an improper installation by unskilled roofers can lead to leaks and damage to the shingles which can compromise the roof’s integrity. 

Traditional Shingles

Typically, when we discuss traditional shingles, we’re talking about asphalt shingles, which are popular and affordable roofing materials for residential and commercial properties. These shingles are made of a fiberglass or organic mat base that is saturated with asphalt and coated with mineral granules. The added granules make the roofing materials durable and aesthetically pleasing. There are three types: 3-tab shingles, architectural, and luxury shingles.

Traditional shingles also come in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to find an option that complements any architectural style or design preference. Unlike metal shingle roofs, asphalt shingles are relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a low-maintenance option for busy homeowners. 

Traditional Shingles

Advantages of Traditional Shingles

If you want to install traditional shingles, like many homeowners across the country, we’ve provided the benefits that asphalt shingles may provide to your home. 

1. Affordability

Due to their popularity and availability, asphalt shingles are the most affordable option for home and business owners. Additionally, their easy installation and maintenance needs make them an affordable option, as they require less labor, time, and other resources. 

The affordability of traditional shingles has made them a popular choice for residential and commercial roofing projects, especially in areas with moderate weather conditions where durability is not the primary concern. 

2. Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics and curb appeal, asphalt shingles provide a great advantage to building owners. The tiny granules embedded in the fiberglass material provide a variety of colors and add an aesthetic appeal to the shingles. Homeowners can mix and match the different colors and styles that are available to find the option that fits their current architectural style. 

3. Ease Of Installation

While metal roofs are trickier to install, asphalt shingles come with a straightforward installation method that almost all roofing contractors are trained in. Because of this, you’ll have an easier time finding a contractor who can complete your traditional, asphalt shingle installation.

Disadvantages of Traditional Shingles

You must also consider the disadvantages of asphalt shingles before making a final decision. 

1. Shorter Lifespan

As mentioned earlier, traditional shingles have a shorter lifespan than metal shingles. This is because asphalt shingles are susceptible to storm and hail damage, which results in water infiltration and roof damage. Ideally, they come with a lifespan of 30 years, but due to their susceptibility to damage, the lifespan of asphalt shingles is closer to 25 years. 

2. Less Energy Efficient

Compared to many roofing materials, such as metal and tile, asphalt shingles are less energy efficient. They do not assist in reducing energy bills, unlike metal shingles. 

Energy-efficient roofs help maintain the temperature and humidity inside a home, reducing your energy bills, which is not the case with traditional shingles. Traditional shingles, on the other hand, actually absorb heat from the sun in most cases, increasing the temperature in your attic space and home. 

3. More Maintenance Required

Asphalt shingles are more likely to need frequent maintenance.  Homeowners who choose asphalt shingles may face more frequent repairs and replacements due to their susceptibility to weather-related damage, such as cracking, curling, and deteriorating from exposure to UV radiation. Additionally, asphalt shingles can be more prone to algae and moss growth, which can compromise their integrity and appearance. You’ll also need to be careful if you live in a windy area, as wind damage to roofing shingles is an additional maintenance expense for you. 

Comparison of Metal Roof Shingles vs. Traditional Shingles

Cost Comparison

Metal roofs are more expensive up front, while asphalt shingles aren’t. However, it is worth noting that metal roofs have a longer lifespan which is double that of asphalt shingles. Metal shingles also require less maintenance throughout their lifespan than asphalt shingles. This means that though metal shingles are initially quite expensive, their high price tag is worth it since you won’t be required to pay for frequent repairs compared to asphalt shingles. 


Metal shingle roofs can last over 50 years, which is almost twice as long as asphalt shingles. 

Energy Efficiency 

Metal roof shingles are known for their energy efficiency, as they reflect the sun’s rays and help keep a building cooler in the summer. This results in lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. Traditional shingles, on the other hand, are not as energy-efficient and absorb more heat from the sun with their dark color, increasing the need for air conditioning in the home. 

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