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Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof In Ohio?
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Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof In Ohio?
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Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof In Ohio?

Posted on January 25, 2024

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Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof In Ohio?

Maintaining your home involves several essential tasks, and among them, replacing the roof stands out as a significant project. Whether prompted by the age of your roof, damage it has sustained, or a desire for an upgrade, this undertaking requires careful consideration.

Before moving forward with your roof replacement project, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the regulations and address an important question: do you need a permit to replace a roof in Ohio? This blog post aims to provide insights by delving into the requirements and exceptions associated with roof replacement permits in the state.

Roof Replacement Permit Requirements in Ohio

For roof replacements in Ohio, a mandatory permit is needed for projects involving roof structures, mechanical equipment, and related components, as outlined in Section 1507 of the Ohio Building Code. Notably, plans for such projects must be approved by an Ohio registered design professional, with exceptions for simple constructions.

For simpler projects, like roofing material replacements, a building permit may not be required, but homes in specific areas may need a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA). Certain projects, like those involving electrical work, may necessitate additional permits. For more information regarding specific rules, you can also research permit requirements for your local city or town.

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How Much Is A Permit To Replace Roof?

The Ohio Building Code mandates a roof replacement permit for projects involving the replacement or repair of roof structural members, rooftop mechanical equipment, and related components. The fees for roof replacement permits in Ohio are as follows:

  • $275.00 processing fee
  • $10.50 fixed square footage fee
  • $65.00 certificate of use and occupancy fee
  • $5.00 Ohio Board of Building Standard fee 

It is crucial to consider these costs and requirements when planning a roof replacement project in Ohio.

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Exceptions to the Roof Replacement Permit Requirements

In general, a building permit is usually required for roof work, but there are a few exceptions. If you’re just adding a new layer of shingles without altering the underlying structure, no building permit is needed. However, if any part of the supporting structure requires replacement or repair, a permit becomes necessary.

In certain cities or towns, residents in historic districts may face additional scrutiny, needing a COA to ensure the replacement aligns with the area’s historical character.

While simple roof covering replacements typically don’t need a building permit, exceptions exist. It’s important to be aware of these nuances when planning roof-related projects.

What Are The Consequences of Skipping the Permit Process?

Skipping the permit process for a roof replacement project in Ohio can result in various consequences, including:

  1. Fines: If you proceed without obtaining the necessary permits, you may face fines. The amount will depend on the extent of the project and the specific violation.
  1. Voiding Homeowner’s Insurance: Unpermitted work can lead to issues with your homeowner’s insurance. In the event of damage or accidents related to the unpermitted work, your insurance company may deny your claim.
  1. Difficulty Selling Your Property: Skipping permits may complicate the future sale of your home. You might be required by law to obtain permits for the work done without them retroactively. This process could consume additional time and money.
  1. Safety Risks: Non-compliance with building codes poses safety risks. The work may not adhere to the necessary standards, potentially leading to hazardous conditions.
  1. Quality Issues: Without permits and inspections, you may not know if the work was done properly. This lack of oversight could result in future problems or the need for costly repairs.
  1. Legal Repercussions: Unpermitted work may have legal consequences. It may not be considered legitimate, and you could face legal action or penalties as a result.

Tips for Obtaining a Permit For Roof Replacement in Ohio With Ease

To get a roof replacement permit in Ohio, follow the regular building permit process, using the same type required for other construction projects. You can find the application form online through the DIC web portal or in paper format. If you hire a licensed roofing contractor, they may be responsible for applying for and obtaining the permit.

To secure a permit to replace roof in Ohio, adhere to these steps:

#1. Contact Local Building Department: 

Reach out to your local building department to learn about specific requirements.

#2. Application Process and Documentation: 

Understand the entire application process and gather all the necessary documents, including detailed project plans. Submit the “Ohio Application for Building Plan Approval” (DIC 3016) along with fees for each building. Ensure construction plans are sealed by an Ohio registered design professional, and include a site plan indicating the building’s location and distances to property lines, streets, and adjacent buildings.

#3. Permit Fees and Timelines: 

Be mindful of permit fees and processing times to prevent project delays. As mentioned above, roof replacement permit fees are based on roof square footage and include a processing fee, fixed square footage fee, and certificate of use and occupancy fee.

What Can A Homeowner Do Without A Permit In Ohio?

In Ohio, homeowners generally have the flexibility to undertake minor home improvements without obtaining a permit. These may include routine maintenance tasks and small repairs that don’t significantly alter the structure. Some common examples of work that typically do not require a permit include:

  1. Painting and Minor Maintenance/Repairs: Homeowners can freely engage in painting projects and perform minor maintenance or repairs without the need for a permit.
  1. Installation of Small Structures: Setting up certain small structures, such as a wading pool, swing sets, or fences below a specified height, usually does not necessitate a permit.
  1. Limited Siding or Roof Repairs: Repairing or replacing a small section of your siding or roof, specifically an area up to 100-square feet, is often exempt from the permit requirement.
  1. Adding New Shingles: Applying a new layer of roof shingles without undertaking significant replacements or repairs to the underlying structure is typically considered a minor project that doesn’t mandate a permit.

Need Help With A Roof Replacement? Secure Your Roof Replacement Permit Today!

In Ohio, getting a permit for your roof replacement is crucial to stick to the state’s regulations. The Ohio Building Code acts like a guide, ensuring your roof is safe and sturdy. We recommend homeowners take the lead in securing the right permits because it is not just about avoiding legal issues, it’s also about making sure your roof is constructed correctly. 

If you’re looking for assistance with your roofing project, look no further than All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters. We provide the best professional roofing services in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have mastered the ins and outs of the roofing industry. Our deep understanding of building codes and permit requirements makes us the best roof replacement company in Dayton. Give us a call at (937) 249-1416 today! 

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