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Wind Damage To Roof In Dayton, OH
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Storm Or Hail Damage? We Can Help! Learn More About Our Emergency Storm Services & Call Now For Relief.

Wind Damage To Roof In Dayton, OH
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Storm Or Hail Damage? We Can Help! Learn More About Our Emergency Storm Services & Call Now For Relief.

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Wind Damage To Roof In Dayton, OH

Posted on January 10, 2022

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wind damage

Most homeowners understand how important it is to take care of their roofing, but windstorms can cause damage that isn’t immediately visible. When the extreme weather is gone, homeowners may assume that there’s no need to worry about their roof — or they may even think that there’s nothing wrong at all.

In fact, it only takes one strong gust of wind to send shingles flying off your roof—leaving the rest of your home vulnerable to the elements.

Not taking care of these issues as soon as possible could lead to much bigger problems.

Roof Damage From High Winds

While most homeowners know that snow and rain can wreak havoc on their homes, many don’t know that windstorms are just as dangerous. Studies show that most asphalt shingle roofs can withstand up to 90 miles per hour winds, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about them. Many people don’t realize this, but thunderstorms and tropical storms frequently produce 100 miles per hour winds.

Extent Of Roof Wind Damage

An essential factor to keep in mind is the layout of your home. Most people don’t realize that a strong wind from only one direction is harmful — but if it’s from multiple directions, this could be very dangerous to your roof. Another thing to remember is that some areas are more prone to wind damage, like the corners or eaves. Be sure to check your gutters and downspouts after heavy winds.

How To Spot Roof Damage From High Winds?

Missing/Damaged Shingles: The missing shingles’ most apparent wind damage. Shingles curled, peeling, cracking, and curling around their edges may have suffered wind damage. Missing shingles in your driveway or yard are other signs of high wind damage.

Scattered Roofing Nails: In the event of a strong windstorm, it’s common for nails and other sharp objects to be scattered throughout the area. Be sure to check your driveway and yard for any nails or sharp objects after a windstorm.

Granule Loss: Your gutters are most likely covered with a stiff, sandpaper-like material called granule. When the winds blow too hard, granules can be scattered all over the roof and its surroundings — usually ending up in your gutters.

Damaged Soffit or Fascia: Soffits and fascia are designed to direct rainwater away from your home. So, if you notice any unusual leaks following a strong windstorm, it wouldn’t be surprising to find damaged soffits or fascia.

What Should You Do When There Is Wind Damage To Roof?

Insurance coverage is critical:

Find out if your home insurance policy covers hurricane-related damage to your roof before you start the process. It’s also essential to understand how long it takes your insurer to process a claim. If they can’t take care of the damage quickly, talk to your agent about getting an adjustment rider. This add-on gives you additional coverage for high-risk weather events like hurricanes.

Contact a licensed contractor:

You should contact a professional roofing contractor when you see any damage. Licensed contractors can tell you how much the repairs will cost and whether or not they will be covered by insurance. If your roof is damaged, they should document these damages so that you can file an insurance claim and get the roof fixed.

Prevent future wind damage:

After any severe storm, contact All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters, which has an excellent reputation, as well as skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can help with any issues immediately. Once the immediate damage has been addressed, we can provide long-term solutions to further protect your home or business, such as adding stronger brackets or installing wind-resistant flashings. So you don’t need to worry about dealing with problems down the road.

Dayton, Ohio, is no stranger to extreme windstorms. Our team offers free roof inspections and a crew of licensed contractors that are second to none. And when high winds damage your roof, call All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters to handle your shingle roof repair.

wind damage
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