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The Unique Roofing Challenges Of Historical Homes In Ohio
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The Unique Roofing Challenges Of Historical Homes In Ohio
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The Unique Roofing Challenges Of Historical Homes In Ohio

Posted on March 5, 2023

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The Unique Roofing Challenges Of Historical Homes In Ohio

Have you ever wondered what it takes to maintain the roof of a historic home in Ohio? If you’re a homeowner or roofer working on a historical property, you know that these unique buildings come with their set of challenges. From the materials used to the design and age of the roof, historical homes require a special approach to roofing. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the unique roofing challenges of historical homes in Ohio and provide insights and tips for overcoming them. Keep reading to learn more about the unique roofing challenges of historical homes in Ohio.

Which Homes Are Considered Historic? 

Historic homes are considered to have significant cultural, architectural, or historical importance due to their age, style, design, or association with notable individuals or events. However, there is no amount of time or age that qualifies a home as historical. Still, homes that are typically considered historical are generally around 50 years old and have unique architectural features, historical significance, or cultural value.

In the United States, local, state, or national historic preservation organizations such as the National Register of Historic Places or the National Trust for Historic Preservation recognize certain homes as historical ones. For a home to qualify as historical, it must have a historic architectural style, cultural significance, historical associations, or contribute to a particular community or region.

Historical homes
Historical Homes

Unique Roofing Challenges Of Historical Homes in Ohio

There’s no doubt that the roofing process for a historical home is complicated, and they pose additional challenges to roofers who work to maintain the integrity of these roofs. Below are some of the notable challenges roofers face while preserving historical homes. 

1. Age Of The Roof

Materials Used For Historical Roofs

Historical homes were built with the materials available at that time, which for many, are not used for modern homes. On many historical homes, you’ll find roofs made of wood or tile, which are notably durable materials, but over time and with age, these roofing materials have become too old to work efficiently.  

Repairing and replacing historical roofs becomes more challenging as roofers try to maintain the roof’s structural integrity while also ensuring that any repairs or replacements complement the original look and design of the home.

Historical Roof Durability

Historical roofs, crafted from sturdy materials, have managed to preserve their integrity and longevity over time. However, exposure to year-long weather conditions eventually causes damage and deterioration, necessitating repairs, preservation, and renovation. Successfully restoring and repairing historical roofs while preserving their durability and integrity presents significant challenges for roofers. Given the critical nature of historical homes, entrusting roofing projects to unskilled and unprofessional roofers can exacerbate the situation.

2. Structural Challenges

Roof Pitch And Design

Roof pitch and design play a critical role in determining the structural integrity and visual appeal of a building. Specifically, the roof’s pitch, or steepness, can greatly affect its ability to shed water and snow, while the design can influence factors such as wind resistance and ventilation. 

Depending on the location and environmental conditions of a historical home, the roof’s pitch may need to be adjusted to complement local building codes or accommodate specific needs. Furthermore, careful consideration of the roof’s design is necessary to ensure that it complements the building’s architecture and provides sufficient support for the roofing materials.

Sometimes it becomes challenging for the roofers not to disturb the pitch and the design of historical roofs. However, skilled roofers who have experience restoring historical homes can provide quality work while also considering roof pitch and design. 

Roof Framing And Support

Roof framing and support can pose unique challenges for roofers working on historical homes. In many cases, these homes have intricate roof designs that require specialized knowledge and techniques to frame and support the roof properly. 

Additionally, the materials used on older homes are usually more fragile and delicate, making it more difficult to safely navigate and work on these roofs. Many of these homes were built before the implementation of modern building codes, which adds another layer of complexity to the roofing repair or restoration process.  

Before any roofer works on a historical home, it’s crucial they have a thorough understanding of a building’s unique design and construction techniques that were used to build it, in order to safely implement a repair or restoration process.

3. Conservation and Preservation

Historic Preservation Laws In Ohio

Historic preservation laws in Ohio protect historic homes in the state from destruction. The laws also enable a designated board to allow or decline proposed changes to the design or exterior of Ohio’s historic and cultural landmarks. The challenge here for roofers is that they must prove they’re qualified enough to handle and successfully renovate historic homes in order to gain permission to do so. 

For property owners, finding a roofing contractor who has the qualifications and permission from the board can be time-consuming and challenging. 

Roofing Solutions For Historical Homes In Ohio

As you know, historical homes need a careful hand and an eye for detail in order to maintain and keep them in good condition.

Choosing Alternative Roofing Materials

Many people may oppose the idea of integrating alternative roofing materials into historic homes, believing it is disrespectful. However, if the intention is to secure and maintain the roof’s integrity, integrating modern and alternative roofing materials is a meaningful idea. We commonly see historical homes today with roofs that have been restored and preserved by installing modern materials. 

Modern tile roofs are a good option for your historical home
Modern Tile Roofs Are A Good Option For Your Historical Home


Regular inspections help property owners detect any problems that may potentially damage the structure in the future. By regularly inspecting your roof, you’ll be able to know where and when issues are arising and how much of the roof needs replacement or patching. If you’ve already repaired your roof, regular maintenance helps improve the function and visual appeal of the roof for a long time. 

Since historical homes and roofs require special attention and care, you must recognize when they need attention and keep up with cleaning them. Keep downspouts and gutters clean to prevent water damage to the roof and building. Proper ventilation is also critical for historical roofs, as it helps prevent moisture buildup and extends the life of the roofing materials. 

Do You Want To Repair Or Replace Your Roof In Ohio? 

If you want to repair or replace your roof in Ohio, you’re in the right place. Our team of experienced roofing professionals will help you increase the integrity and durability of your historical roof. Contact All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters today at (937) 902-2839 for a free consultation with one of our experts.

The Unique Roofing Challenges Of Historical Homes In Ohio
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