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What Does the Ohio Roof Matching Law Mean To Your Insurance Claim?
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What Does the Ohio Roof Matching Law Mean To Your Insurance Claim?
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Storm Or Hail Damage? We Can Help! Learn More About Our Emergency Storm Services & Call Now For Relief.

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What Does the Ohio Roof Matching Law Mean To Your Insurance Claim?

Posted on June 19, 2024

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ohio roof matching law

When your home is damaged by events like storms or fires, filing an insurance claim becomes essential. Understanding Ohio’s “roof matching law” is crucial, especially if the damage affects your roof. This law ensures that insurance companies cover replacement materials, such as roof shingles or siding panels, that match existing ones, avoiding patchy appearances. 

Navigating this law can be complex, but our guide will help you assert your rights and secure the coverage you deserve.

What Is The Ohio Roof Matching Law?

The Ohio roof matching law, as outlined in Ohio Administrative Code 3901-1-54, requires insurance companies to match the material and quality of the original roof when replacing damaged sections, ensuring that repaired or replaced sections blend seamlessly with the rest of the roof and preserve the structure’s overall appearance and integrity. 

The law, which is especially important in cases of partial damage from events such as hail, protects the curb appeal of homes by prohibiting mismatched repairs that could reduce a property’s value and aesthetic appeal. 

By implementing these standards, the law has a direct impact on how insurance claims are handled, preventing homeowners from being left with a patched-up, uneven house that devalues their property.

How Does The Ohio Matching Roof Law Impact Insurance Claims?

To get a better understanding, let’s delve into know what this law impacts:

1. Requirement for Entire Roof Replacement

If undamaged portions are too worn or weathered to match new materials, the law obligates insurance companies to cover the entire roof replacement.

Roof replacement
Roof Replacement

2. Prevention of Patchwork Repairs

This law aims to prevent homeowners from having unsightly patchwork roofs that could diminish property value.

3. Coverage Extension Beyond Direct Damage

Even if only a section sustains damage, insurers may be obliged to replace surrounding areas to ensure a uniform appearance.

4. Ensures Matching Replacement Materials

Insurers must ensure new materials match existing undamaged ones, especially if originals are unavailable or discontinued.

What Kind Of Property Damage Does The Ohio Matching Law Apply To?

Roof damage
Roof Damage

As mentioned above, the Ohio matching law requires insurance companies to match damaged property areas with materials of the same type and quality as the original construction. This ensures that policyholders receive fair compensation. The following damage is covered: 

  • Roof Damage
  • Siding Damage
  • Gutter Damage
  • Fence Damage
  • Interior Finishes

Exceptions and Limitations

Some insurance policies may exclude specific types of damage or materials from the matching requirement. For example, wood shake roofs might be excluded. Homeowners should review their policies to understand these exclusions.

> Reasonable Alternatives

Insurance companies might offer similar but not identical materials as replacements when the exact original materials aren’t available. For instance, a different but comparable roofing tile could be proposed. Policyholders should discuss these options with their insurer to ensure satisfactory repairs.

> Cost Considerations

Matching the original materials can be more expensive. While insurers may consider the cost, the policyholder shouldn’t bear the extra cost beyond their deductible.

> Important Considerations

The application of the Ohio matching law depends on the damage and the specific policy terms, including any exclusions. If policyholders are unhappy with the insurer’s repair proposals, they may have legal recourse for bad faith or breach of contract.

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Why Is The Ohio Matching Roof Law Important?

Every homeowner wants the best for their home, and to get a durable roof it’s crucial to have an understanding of the importance of the Ohio roof matching law:

1. Ensures Reasonable Curb Appeal

Ensures insurance companies replace the damaged property to maintain curb appeal with a “reasonably comparable appearance.”

2. Applies to Various Types of Property Damage

Covers damage to roofs, siding, gutters, fences, and interior finishes.

3. Provides Guidance for Insurance Companies

Offers guidelines for handling matching issues, and preventing mismatched repairs that lower property value.

4. Helps Prevent Unnecessary Full Replacements

Aims to avoid unnecessary full replacements while ensuring consistent repairs.

5. Supports Policyholder Expectations

Meets policyholder expectations for maintaining a uniform appearance whenever possible.

6. Ensures Fair Treatment for Policyholders

Guarantees fair treatment by requiring consistent replacements to maintain property appearance and value.

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Are There Any Specific Requirements For Documenting Roof Damage In Ohio?

Yes, there are specific guidelines for documenting roof damage in Ohio. You should keep detailed records of the damage, including photographs and videos, and submit them to your insurance company. This can help ensure that your claim is properly processed and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Can You Hire A Professional To Assess The Damage And Document The Roof Damage In Ohio?

Yes, you can hire a professional to evaluate and document roof damage in Ohio. This can be especially useful if you are unfamiliar with the process or require expert testimony to back up your claim. To ensure an accurate and thorough assessment, choose a reputable and experienced professional.


The Ohio roof matching law is extremely important for homeowners dealing with roof damage and insurance claims. Understanding this law and standing up for their rights allows homeowners to ensure that their insurance claims are handled fairly and their roofs are restored to their original, matching condition. It’s critical to document the damage, hire a reliable contractor, and advocate for fair treatment during the claims process. This can help to preserve the value and appearance of their homes.
If you need reliable roofing solutions, All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters is a trusted choice. Known for our quality craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, we specialize in roof repair, replacement, and maintenance services. Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the Ohio roof matching law, guaranteeing that your roof is restored using high-quality materials that maintain its original appearance. For the best asphalt roofing services, give us a call at (937) 902-2839.

ohio roof matching law
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