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      July 9, 2021

      Do You Need to Hire a Roofing Company in Dayton, OH?

      When hiring a roofing company in Dayton, OH, there are things you should and shouldn't do. We will take a look at these things, in this post. 1) Verify that the roofing company you are considering is license - While this may seem like an obvious step, we see far too many customers that call us out to a job because they had an unlicensed and or uninsured roofer install their roof and they are now having issues. 2) Check Reviews On the Internet - Understanding that the experience of past customers is a good representation of things you can expect for future customers, is key. This is why we recommend always checking on what previous customers have to say about the roofing company in Dayton that you are looking to hire. You can take a look at our reviews at this link 3) Ask Friends & Family - Those closest to us are likely to give us an honest assessment of their experience with local roofers in Dayton. Simply reach out to a few people within your circle, maybe a quick and easy way to find a reliable roofing company and stay away from roofers that they have had issues with. 4) Post on Social Media - There are many neighborhood apps and community groups on social media platforms and people are often excited to give their opinion. This is why we recommend posting to these outlets to see if others in your hyper-local communities have had success with a particular roofing company in Dayton, OH. 5) Understand Your Roof's Warranties - This is huge! Many roofing companies in Dayton will talk about their workmanship and manufacturer warranties when discussing a new roof installation with a homeowner. It is very important to understand what precisely, each one of these means and the protection afforded to you as a result of them. That is why All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters makes sure to educate all of our prospective homeowners as to what each warranty means to them, and what could potentially void them. If you have a roofing project and have any more questions about the roofing company selection process, give us a call today and we are happy to help!