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    Atlas Roofing Shingles: What Consumers Need To Know
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    Atlas Roofing Shingles: What Consumers Need To Know
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      Atlas Roofing Shingles: What Consumers Need To Know

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      Atlas Roofing Shingles: What Consumers Need To Know

      Atlas roofing shingles are extremely popular among homeowners in the US, and for all the good reasons. Atlas is one of the biggest shingle manufacturers in the roofing industry today. They produce asphalt shingles that can protect your home for 20-30 years, and they are very economical.

      As a homeowner, you may have some concerns: whether atlas shingles can protect your home, or are they worth the money? You may want to go through every credible resource before making a decision. So to help, our roofing experts have prepared a detailed article on Atlas roofing shingles.

      After you finish reading, you will learn all the below facts about Altas:

      • Different types of shingle
      • Advanced shingle technologies
      • Complete roofing system
      • Lifetime warranties
      • Preferred contractors

      Atlas Roofing Shingles

      Atlas creates highly innovative asphalt shingles with appealing looks and incredible durability. Currently, you can choose from eight diverse kinds of atlas shingles, including 3-tab, architectural, and one special slate shingle.

      atlas roofing shingles
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      3-tab Shingles

      Glassmaster and Legend are the two kinds of 3-tab shingles that Atlas produces. These are their value-line shingles, and they are lightweight and require regular upkeep to stay strong for years. Glassmaster has a 30-year warranty, covering manufacturing issues, algae growth, and damage from winds up to 60mph. Legend is an upgrade of Glassmaster with a 40-year warranty, anti-algae technology, and is resistant to winds of up to 110mph.

      Architectural Or Designer Shingles

      Today, most homeowners prefer architectural shingles over 3-tab. They are more robust, look beautiful, and they can help increase the value of your home. Atlas offers five architectural shingles: Briarwood Pro, ProLam, Pinnacle Pristine, Castlebrook, and Stormmaster Shake. Briarwood Pro and ProLam fall into their value category. Atlas architectural shingles are 50% heavier than 3-tab and have extended warranties. If you live in a town that experiences harsh weather conditions, Atlas architectural shingles can offer maximum protection to your home.

      StormMaster Slate

      StormMaster Slate is the strongest of all the other Atlas roofing shingles. They give your home a luxurious and unique look, and they provide much better roof protection. They have a larger size with extraordinary wind and hail protection technology called SBS. They are fortified with copper granules and come with maximum algae resistance.

      Atlas has many more impressive technologies that help protect your home better than standard shingles and companies. Below is a description of all Atlas technologies to help you understand what makes them stand out.

      How Do Atlas Shingles Protect Your Homes?

      Atlas came up with three technological upgrades to craft shingles that offer maximum protection for years. Atlas roofing shingles will help protect homes from high winds, hail damage, leaks, algae, and storm damage.

      Scotchguard Protector by 3M

      It is a modern technology by 3M– a world-renowned scientific innovation company– to fight algae growth and shingle blackness using copper. Copper is highly resistant to algae and dissolves slowly into the asphalt shingles, transferring its qualities into the shingles. Atlas roofing shingles with Scotchguard Protector technology are StormMaster Slate, StormMaster Shake, Pinnacle Pristine, and Legend.

      High-Performance Technology (HP 42)

      Atlas utilizes The FASTAC® double sealant lines that offer a quick seal and a visible nailing area of 1¼-inch. With this technology, roofing contractors can install the shingles faster. These large shingles need four nails per shingle and fewer laps. Atlas shingles StormMaster Slate, StormMaster Shake, and Pinnacle Pristine shingles come with the HP 42 technology that can withstand 130-150mph wind speeds and high impact resistance.

      SBS Shingles

      Short for Styrene Butadiene Styrene, SBS shingles are mixed with hard synthetic rubber and plastics for maximum rain, wind, and impact protection. They are Class 4 shingles with Core4 technology that can protect your home. Core4 technology is the latest and most trending innovation in the asphalt shingle industry. The four core features are:

      • Advanced polymer materials to enhance durability and protection.
      • Flexible to prevent cracking in the winters and shrinking in summers.
      • Resists steel balls and hailstones of up to 2 inches in diameter.
      • Remains stable in severe weather and winds of up to 150 mph.

      Along with such remarkable technologies, Atlas also delivers homeowners the much-need peace of mind through affordable prices, rich curb appeal, and protection against severe weather conditions.

      How Atlas Helps Homeowners?

      According to our research, Atlas is one of the most affordable and reasonable manufacturers in the home improvement industry. At All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters, we see homeowners become happier and more confident after we take them through the added benefits of Atlas roofing shingles.

      Enjoy The Lifetime Warranties

      Atlas roofing shingles like the StormMater come with a lifetime warranty of 40 years. This means the company will cover 100% of shingle damage costs for 40 years. The warranty covers wind damage up to 150 mph and impacts damage from hailstones up to 2 inches.

      Colorful, Economical Option

      With shingles, homeowners prefer not to waste time and money on painting. Atlas roofing shingles come with a wide variety of color options, including pewter, desert shake, dove gray, and many more exquisite shades! Atlas divides its shingle into three ranges: value, designer, and premium. The lowest you would spend on atlas shingle installation is $4,200, but the prices can go up significantly from there.

      Atlas Shingles Are Easily Available

      You may find Atlas shingles in your nearest store in Dayton, OH, but you do need a professional roofing contractor to install them. At All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters, we are proud to be the Atlas Preferred Contractor in your area.

      Flawless Installation

      Under the Atlas Brand Certified Training Program, Atlas engineers train roofing contractors personally. It is an extensive training program for contractors who install Atlas roofing shingles and other Atlas products. This adds to the expertise and excellence of the team and the roofing company.

      Meet Building Codes

      Many states require you to have a roof covered with Core4 technology. Some areas in Ohio are considered tornado and hail alley, so we recommend Atlas StormMater Slate for Ohio homes.

      However, shingles alone cannot protect your roof. All the parts of your roofing system work together to protect your home from elements. If one element fails, your entire roofing system is at risk of failure.

      Atlas Complete Roofing System

      Atlas also builds complete roofing systems for homes. You can choose from a variety of underlayments, shingles and vents. Here are the major components in Atlas roofing systems:

      • WeatherMaster® Ice & Water Underlayment
      • Premium Underlayment
      • Pro-Cut® Starter Shingles
      • Roofing Shingles
      • TruRidge® & HighPoint®
      • Exhaust Ventilation
      • Pro-Cut® & StormMaster
      • Hip & Ridge Shingles

      When you install a complete roofing system, all your products are from the same company. It’s a wonderful way to get better warranties and enhanced roof functionality. If one roof component fails, the other may also damage or become ineffective. In this case, Atlas will replace all the damaged parts of their roofing system under the warranty.

      Need Guidance On New Shingles?

      If you are looking for Atlas roofing shingles near the Greater Dayton region, we are here for you. All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters is one of the most trustworthy companies in town, and we are your local roofing contractors with expert knowledge and experience with Ohio’s climate.

      Get Free Consultation On Atlas Roofing Shingles

      Our roofing experts work with several other world-class manufacturers like Certainteed. If you are curious about other manufacturers, you can take a look at our Best Roof Shingles Guide. Since there are many other acclaimed shingle manufacturers, your research may get complicated if you depend entirely on the internet. Our knowledgeable experts can answer your roofing questions with a free consultation.

      We Offer Free Roof Inspection Without Any Obligation

      When you are considering new shingles, it is not wise to ignore the other roof components. With a full roof inspection, you can understand the exact condition of your roof, and all of its components. All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters will offer expert roof inspection for free. We know how important it is for homeowners to make educated roofing choices so they can keep their home well protected.

      Our team has always been active in helping the community. If you think we can help you with new roofing shingles, call us today at (937) 902-2839.