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Atlas Roofing Shingles: Pros, Cons, Colors & Reviews
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Atlas Roofing Shingles: Pros, Cons, Colors & Reviews
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Atlas Roofing Shingles: Pros, Cons, Colors & Reviews

Posted on November 7, 2022

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atlas roofing shingles

Are you looking to replace your roof? If you are wondering whether Atlas roofing shingles are a suitable choice for your home, this article is an excellent source of information.

The look and feel of a house are direct expressions of the homeowner and their family. It reflects your personality and taste. Most importantly, the roof you choose represents your investment and efforts to protect your family and home from harm. To select the most suitable or, ideally, the best option, you should know everything about the shingles you will choose.

At All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters, we help homeowners make more informed decisions about their homes. In this article, we’ll explain Atlas roofing shingles in detail by giving you the pros, cons, colors, and reviews.

Let’s start by learning the story of the Atlas Roofing Corporation.

About Atlas Roofing Corporation

Atlas is a leading manufacturer of residential roofing products in the United States. The company has been in business since 1982, and they have significantly contributed to advancements in the industry. Atlas Roofing Corporation manufactures high-quality shingles, underlayment, insulation, and a complete roofing system for residential properties. The brand is famous for its impressive warranties and customer-oriented business values.

Here are the different types of shingle lines offered by Atlas:

Types Of Atlas Roofing Shingles

Atlas has eight types of shingles in total and each one of them has a Class A fire rating. They have passed the toughest fire tests, and offer the highest protection against fires, whether they’re caused by electrical failure, lightning strikes, wildfires, or something else. These shingles also have 3M Scotchgard™ Protector technology to prevent dark algae stains.

Atlas 3-Tab Shingles: GlassMaster® And Legend®

Atlas Roofing Corp. offers two lines of 3-tab shingles: GlassMaster® and Legend®. They are a good option for homeowners who want to add style without breaking the bank.

GlassMaster® has a wind rating of 60 mph, so if you live in an area with an average climate, these shingles can be an excellent choice. They come with built-in algae resistance, which is a wonderful benefit for homeowners living in rainy areas. You also get a 30-year brand warranty.

Legend® Designer Fiberglass Shingles are more advanced. These 3-tab shingles are different from what other brands offer. They provide a designer look at an attractive price and come with a 40-year warranty. Legend® can withstand wind speeds up to 110 mph, which makes them an excellent choice if you live in an area with strong wind gusts or hurricanes.

Atlas Architectural shingles

If you’re looking for a more sturdy and attractive roof that will last decades, you should consider Atlas architectural shingles. Architectural shingles tend to cost more than 3-tab, but they don’t require as many repairs, so they’re a better investment in the long run.

Atlas offers five types of architectural shingles:



Pinnacle® Pristine

Briarwood Pro™

StormMaster® Shake

The shingles have unique designs and come with a limited lifetime warranty of 50 years. They can withstand wind gusts up to 150 mph, which is a huge benefit for areas at risk of F1 tornadoes whose wind gusts reach from 70 to 112 mph.

Pinnacle® Pristine is the most popular shingle line in the U.S. and is preferred by thousands of homeowners in warm, coastal, and rainy areas.

StormMaster® Shake is two steps ahead of all the other shingles. They have a Class 4 impact rating and Core 4 technology, which means they are best for snow, hail, and storm-prone areas.

Atlas Slate Shingles: StormMaster® Slate

Atlas slate shingles
Image source:

This is a high-end shingle line by Atlas. StormMaster® Slate shingles are more sturdy, appealing, and durable than 3-tab and architectural shingles. They provide the luxurious look of a slate roof and hold up much better in extreme weather conditions such as heat, storms, hail, and snow.

We’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of Atlas roofing shingles to better inform you so you can make the right choice for your home.

Atlas Shingles: Ratings And Reviews By Roofing Experts And Homeowners

We’ve asked our roofing experts and customers what they liked and disliked about using Atlas shingles, and based on their answers we’ve chosen six categories to rate the shingles from 1 to 5.

We’ve also listed the pros and cons associated with their shingles.


Atlas has more pros than cons. The benefits of having Atlas shingles include their above-average warranties, cost-effectiveness, and wind resistance.

Our analysis also shows that contractors prefer installing Atlas Pinnacle Pristine and StormMaster shake shingles over other types. As for homeowners, they are pleased with the shingle performance and brand warranties. Atlas offers 19 striking colors in their shingle line, and most homeowners think it’s crucial to look at this diverse range as it helps make a better decision.

Let’s learn about the pros of Atlas shingles in detail.

Wind And Impact Rating: 4

Atlas roofing shingles have a fiberglass base, high sealing power, and excellent wind resistance. Homeowners shared that their StormMaster® Slate Shingles were intact during high, rotating winds, and there were no leaks in their roof after a series of hail storms hit every year.

Size And Coverage Per Bundle: 5

Altas HP 42-inch shingles are cost-effective and easy to install. These high-performance shingles have a large size of 42” x 14”. Roofing contractors reported it saves them more time by installing these Atlas shingles instead of smaller ones. They also explained that Atlas shingles have a large SweetSpot nailing area that holds chalk marks better than other shingles. This makes it easier for them to achieve perfect installation. Homeowners also acknowledged the fact that it required fewer shingles to cover the entire roof.

Energy Rating: 4

Atlas roofing shingles
Image Source:

Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine comes in a pearl color, whose light coloring sets an energy efficiency benchmark. These shingles have a 0.25 solar reflectivity index, preventing rooms and attics from overheating, and allowing you to save on energy bills. These shingles are best for hot and humid areas of the country, especially coastal regions.

Durability: 4

Premium Atlas shingles have a long lifespan, and you can get half a decade out of Atlas Shingles with proper maintenance. The benefit of having such high-quality roof shingles is that it’s also good for your home and the environment, as you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often.

Cost And Warranties: 4

Atlas shingles maintain their quality while costing less than other brands like CertainTeed and Malarkey. Most homeowners feel Atlas has priced their shingles more responsibly. Most homeowners spend around $2.20 to 3.25 per square foot for Atlas shingle installation. Atlas provides a limited warranty for its 30-year shingles and a limited lifetime warranty of 50 years for its architectural and slate shingles. Homeowners appreciate that Atlas has transferable warranties, which enhanced their home’s resale value and helped them sell their house quicker.


If you have rigid spray foam insulation, you’ll need to change it. Atlas mentions if you install their shingles over spray foam insulation it will void the warranty. The reason is that rigid foam insulation blocks sunlight in the attic, leaving the heat to sit on shingles instead of transferring into your home. This causes the shingles to become prematurely damaged, blister, and curl.

Like other brands, Atlas also has a policy that voids the warranty if you don’t follow their maintenance and installation guidelines.

Since curb appeal is an essential aspect of any new roof installation project, we will now share Atlas most popular shingles colors.

Top 3 Shingle Colors By Atlas

Copper canyon color
Image source:

#1 Atlas Pristine Pewter: The Atlas Pristine Pewter color is a dark gray color that is very attractive. This color is excellent for a cool, energy-efficient performance. It is a great color to use if you want to make a noble statement with your roof. The Pewter color will add beauty to any house and looks terrific with defined accents and siding patterns.

#2 Desert: The Atlas Pristine Desert color is a light brown that looks like sand grains. This color creates a warm, inviting look which is perfect for homeowners who want to make their homes look natural and earthy.

#3 Copper Canyon: This color is a dark brown and muted green shingle. This multi-colored shingle style has a rich pattern with deep shadows that adds more depth to the roof. The Copper Canyon shingle color is also an impressive option for homes with a southwestern or rustic feel.

We hope this guide helps you with your research about Atlas roofing shingles. If you need more help choosing the best roof shingles for your home, we can guide you.

Do You Want To Discuss Atlas Roofing Shingles Or Other Options With The Experts?

At All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters, we have been building the most sturdy shingle roofs for years. If you live in the Greater Dayton region, call us for a free consultation and estimate. Our roofing team is known for their honesty and experience, so you can feel confident discussing everything about your roofing project. We work with many high-quality manufacturers because we understand the importance of safety and satisfaction. If you need the best roof installation services or more information on Atlas roofing shingles, call us at (937)-902-2839. We will happily guide and help with your home improvement project.

atlas roofing shingles
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