The 6 Best Vinyl Sidings Available In 2024
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The 6 Best Vinyl Sidings Available In 2024
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The 6 Best Vinyl Sidings Available In 2024

Posted on October 31, 2022

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The 6 Best Vinyl Sidings Available In 2024

The vinyl siding industry has continued to grow year over year. One of the most popular features of vinyl siding is that it’s available in many stylish patterns and rich colors that can suit any home. In this article, we will describe the best vinyl sidings of 2024.

At All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters, we take pride in being the most reliable and skilled contractor in Dayton, Ohio. We do our best to help improve your home or commercial property by sharing our knowledge and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Our experts have been installing high-quality vinyl siding for decades, and we know there are hundreds of options in front of you.

Here’s a list of the top six vinyl siding brands and most popular styles of 2024.

6 Best Vinyl Siding Styles From Top Manufacturers

Homeowners first started using vinyl siding in the 1940s to create better and more durable home exteriors. Wood was a high-maintenance option, and robust siding materials like stone, brick, and stucco were pretty expensive. Since then, hundreds of vinyl siding designs have been developed, but few have stood the test of time.

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#1 CertainTeed Northwood Shake and Shingles

A division of Saint-Gobain, CertainTeed has helped improve the construction industry for over a century! Since 1904, the brand has been committed to developing sturdy and sustainable construction materials for residential and commercial roofing systems, exteriors, ceilings, insulation, and drywall.

CertainTeed offers vinyl siding in a beautifully rugged design that creates a real cedar wood look. Their ‘Northwood Shake And Shingle’ pattern has a TrueTexture™ finish that reflects the natural details of wood shake siding. It makes an appealing, rustic design, only more sturdy and durable. This is one of the best vinyl siding styles for homeowners who want a traditional or fusion facade without spending on costly styles and excessive upkeep.

#2 Kaycan Montebello Vinyl Log Siding

Log cabins and homes are iconic. These were the first types of homes we constructed in the US. Over the years, there have been many advancements in the residential construction industry to make wooden shakes and logs more durable, resistant, and sturdy. One such development is vinyl log siding. This may not be real wood siding, but it’s currently the most trending and long-lasting form of log siding design. People love it for its luxurious countryside look.

If you want vinyl log siding for your home, ranch, cabin, or cottage, Kaycan offers the most authentic pattern and colors to impress your neighbors or buyers. Kaycan Montebello Vinyl Log Siding is preferred for its precisely placed insulation and original rustic charm. It increases your property’s energy efficiency and resale value incredibly.

#3 MASTIC Vertical siding

Mastic is a famous home exterior and vinyl siding brand from PlyGem. Homeowners, remodeling specialists, and siding contractors– everyone applauds Mastic for its low-maintenance, affordable, and eco-friendly products. Since more and more homeowners are appreciating the impression of vertical siding, Mastic’s Board + Batten Designer series is among the best vinyl siding styles of 2024.

It’s different from most vertical siding designs due to its intricate texture and fuller borders. You can use this vertical siding as an accent to highlight your home’s entryways, porch walls, peaks, and dormers. For the rest of the house, pair your vertical siding with a cedar shake style to create a remarkable finish different from most homes in your area. The brand also offers beautiful accents, trim, and shutters to match your siding and roof.

#4 Alside Cast Iron Color

Alside is a brand that enables you to create a custom style with numerous color combinations and stylish trims. From high-performance insulation to multiple price ranges, Alside is one of the most valued companies to offer exciting benefits. While there are limitless color options, dark and bright combinations are never out of fashion.

Alside Cast Iron is a black vinyl siding color, popular among people who want to create a sophisticated chic finish for their small and medium-sized homes. You can also use this vinyl siding on a bigger house to create a monochrome effect or sharp contrast by pairing it with a black roof, partial stone siding, and white trim.

#5 Royal Building Products Premium Pointe

Royal Building Products is a unit of Westlake Chemical– one of the oldest Fortune 500 companies. They use recycled materials to develop their products and believe in giving back to the community. Thriving on design, creativity, and innovation, the company has vinyl siding colors and styles for every type of home.

Their Premium Pointe Vinyl siding is one of the most favored products by homeowners. The low-maintenance siding never needs painting and has a broad spectrum of colors under the brand’s ‘Smart Styles™’ options. They use Chromatix™ technology to colorfast the boards and offer a double lifetime warranty on Premium Pointe siding. The colors have the potential to bring out the best in your home’s exteriors, and it keeps looking new for years to come. They’ve added five new colors this year, inspired by nature, and Riverway is one of our favorite shades.

#6 Polaris Vinyl Siding

All these brands offer the best vinyl siding boards to protect your home against powerful winds, destructive hail, and flooding waters. They also provide impressive warranties and competitive pricing, so picking a brand can be a real challenge.

Among these top market players, Polaris Siding is currently the most reasonably priced vinyl siding brand. It’s a branch of Modern Builders Supply– a leading manufacturer from the Midwest. The company is winning the market by offering premium siding and exterior products at affordable rates with excellent insulation. Their primary goal is to help homeowners get maximum thermal efficiency, safety, security, and beauty.

Polaris Siding is a good option if you want a product that can withstand stormy weather conditions, fit tightly for years, and offer maximum weather resistance. Their vinyl siding features an original, non-glossy finish and thick, 0.46 boards for outstanding results.

If you’re renovating, don’t forget about your landscaping and roof shingles. Your siding pattern should complement the overall aesthetics of your home. Create an appealing color combination for shingles, siding, flowers, and trees. Consulting a reliable siding and exterior contractor is the right way to go about it. If you live in Western Ohio, we are here to help you.

We Can Help You Get The Finest Vinyl Siding!

All Around Roofing, Siding & Gutters is based in Dayton, OH. We serve Springfield, Kettering, Englewood, and all the surrounding areas. If you wish to install the best vinyl siding on your home, we will be happy to help you. Call us at (937)-902-2839 for a free consultation. One of our siding experts will guide you through and answer any questions you may have.

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